Is the radiant energy we get from the Sun. Furthermore This is a clean energy

 We can use it to



a) Heat and Cool: that is directly to heat water, or to household heating systems, using solar panels and heat pumps.


 b) Generate Electricity : the solar power has to be concentrated or focused. This is because solar radiation reaches the earth’s surface with a density that is adequate for heating but not for an efficient thermodynamic cycle for producing electricity.


There are different types of concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies/systems:


  • Parabolic solar collectors or curved ‘troughs’ enable the sun’s rays to converge towards a single point to collect heat from the sun.

  • Solar tower power plants involve hundreds or even thousands of mirrors following the sun’s path and concentrating its rays onto a receiver at the top of a tower.

  • Solar dish/engine systems see parabolic dishes transfer solar radiation to a ‘Stirling engine’ – an engine using heat to act on a fluid.

  • The sun’s rays can also be used to activate chemical reactions to produce fuels and chemicals. In the medium- to long-term, other applications will include environmentally-friendly technologies.