Challenges for pupils – a project work


Individual or pair work. 6 hours work at school. Ending in a presentation.


Challenge nr 1

Give a description of the history and how the oil- and gas-adventure has influenced the Norwegian economics and employment from the early 1970-ies till today.

Make a presentation.



Challenge nr 2

    Follow the Gas from the Norwegian continental shelf. Norway’s gas pipelines to European countries can also be worth a study… Gassco who is responsible as operator for transporting Norwegian gas to continental Europe and the UK through a

8.500-kilometre network of pipelines.

Make a presentation that shows production and transport of gas.



Challenge nr 3

    The gas flows from production installations in the North Sea to process plants at Kårstø, where liquified gas is being seperated from the rest, and exported by ship. The remaining dry gas is piped on to receiving terminals in continental Europe and the UK.

StatoilHydro is the name of this company at Kårstø.

Make a presentation that shows the process and production of gas at refineries as Kårstø and at a receiving terminal at the continent.


Challenge nr 4

    The demand of gas in Europe is increasing.  For Europe  Norway is a stable supplier. Safe transport and deliveries is important. People who depend on gas in their daily lives must feel sure that the Norwegians will deliver as agreed. It is essential that the marked can rely on gas delivered to them.

Make a presentation how private customers are able to use the Norwegian gas in their homes and homeyards. Make a list of arguments why it’s important to have a stable and  safe transport and gasdelivery.


Challenge nr 5

    Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is an issue in the global climate debate. Most of the gas produced in the North Sea is used on in continental Europe. Point out different ways the gas is used. Discuss if the environment and climate benefits by using Norwegian gas.


Challenge nr 6

    We are focused greenhouse gases and environment. Renewable energy is a solution for the future. Do you know about any local or national plants? Make a presentation of these and of different ways of  renewable energy. Make your priority list and argue for your opinion.